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(中国大唐集团科学技术研究院有限公司华东电力试验研究院,安徽 合肥 230088)
    摘 要:随着大容量高参数发电机的普遍应用,发电机两端振动随负荷变化异常增大的案例也越来越多。介绍了一台1 000 MW汽轮发电机自投运2 年后10 瓦振动在高负荷阶段异常持续增大的分析和处理过程。给出了振动异常特征,通过转子返厂解体检修,最终确认护环下外层全尺寸绝缘瓦堆起引起转子端部绕组形变和通风孔部分堵塞是引起发电机振动异常变化的直接原因,并给出了解决措施,以防同类型故障再次发生。
    中图分类号:TM311      文献标识码:B     文章编号:1007-3175(2021)03-0058-04
A Case Study of Generator Vibration Increases Caused by Rotor Winding Deformation
YANG Yu-lei
(China Datang Corporation Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd East China Electric
Power Test & Research Institute, Hefei 230088, China)
    Abstract: With the widespread application of large-capacity and high-parameter generators in the field of coal-fired power generation, there are more and more cases in which the vibration at both ends of the generator increases abnormally with load changes. This paper introduces in detail the analysis and treatment process of the abnormal continuous increase of the 10-watt vibration of a 1 000 MW turbo-generator after it has been put into operation for two years. After the rotor returned to the factory for disassembly and overhaul, it was finally confirmed that the stacking of the full-size insulating tiles under the guard ring caused partial blockage of the winding deformation of the rotor end and the ventilation holes were the direct causes of abnormal vibration of the generator, and provided solutions to prevent the same type of failure happening again.
    Key words: generator; rotor winding; vibration increases; thermal unbalance; winding deformation
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